The Mitchell factory in the French Alps pumped out millions of spinning reels, but the executives weren’t experienced anglers as they had only small trout in streams to fish for. When they decided to compete with Penn in the star drag reel business, they came up with a big improvement. The side plates had been made with a material that would crack if the reel dropped on a hard surface. Mitchell used Delrin. which was virtually unbreakable. I was excited when getting one, and went out to Montauk to use it on a party boat.

Only small fish were biting, but a problem surfaced right away as I could hardly reel since all the screws were popping out. It turned out that Delrin wouldn’t retain screws in use, and the entire inventory had to get a shot of Locktite, I wrote to Garcia president Tom Lenk to point out the lack of field testing — and he asked to come aboard to become director of field testing. While working there I met my wife Kathy, who was an executive secretary in the Teaneck, N.J. office.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss Garcia’s involvement in the fight for the 200 mile limit.

A small craft advisory continues tonight, but the morning forecast is for northwest 15-20 knots before decreasing to 10-15 in the afternoon.


    1. Al,
      Fun reading, I smell a book in this story! Get the captain’s daughter involved and get those fingers on the keyboard👍🏼


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