Climate change theory indicates that in response to warming marine species will move north for cooler waters. However, it appears that Al Gore hasn’t gotten that message out to seals which are doing the opposite. Dave Lilly of Hazlet reports there are great numbers of seals sunning themselves in the Sandy Hook-Shrewsbury River area. That continues a trend going on for years, though they were a rarity when I moved to N.J. just a few decades ago.

Seals may look cute. but they are vicious predators and eat all sorts of fish — including school stripers. Worst of all, they will surely prevent any possibility of a winter flounder revival. The latter spawn during the winter in our bays and rivers, but while anglers can only keep two flounder of at least 12 inches, seals have no limit on what may be their favorite food.

The weather is suitable only for seals. A gale watch continues into Saturday morning which starts with northwest winds of 15-20 knots with gusts to 25, Yet, the Jamaica’s Sunday offshore wreck trip may work out as the wind drops out Saturday night and the Sunday forecast is for north at just 5-10 knots before a northeast blow on Monday. Call 732 528-5914 for reservations.


  1. I am sure the seals take a large toll  on our native fish. They need to be gone–sound waves or whatever works. They are the pigs of the NJ waters.


    1. I’m not sure what impact seals will have our NJ fisheries but I do know they were here long before we were. As a top predator, I’m hoping they will forage on non-targeted fish as well. From what I’ve read, their populations were reduced unnaturally. Never a good thing in my book. I fish and eat what I legally catch. I want to have a successful day on the water like anyone. Every animal plays a specific role in the ecosystem until it’s population is altered by human intervention. We shouldn’t pick and choose. Pigs of the NJ waters waters, maybe, but I welcome their return. I feel they will benefit our local waters.


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