No reports today and small craft warnings are up through Wednesday afternoon with north gusts to 25 knots tonight. It will be northwest 15-20 plus gusts to 25 in the morning. That should result in calmer seas close to shore for the rest of the week;

The annual Canyon Runner Seminars are a must for offshore anglers, but the pandemic has changed everything this year — and those events will go virtual this winter as per the following release:

4 Saturdays in February & March4 Hours each Day16 Total Hours of On-Line Training
For the 20 Years We’ve Done Our Seminars all you could choose to see was 6 Classes in a full day. Now you’ll be able to see 16 Classes Live and in their entirety from the comfort of your home via Zoom your Computer or Cell!!
All Classes Live and InteractiveAll Classes Videotaped for Re-Viewing By YouInteractive Q&A Throughout the Live ClassQ&A Follow-Up after Each Class
Dates & TopicsSaturday, February 6 – Core Tuna TacticsSaturday, February 20 – Mid-shore TunaSaturday, March 6 – Big Fish Saturday & RiggingSaturday, March 20 – Swords/Marlin/Tiles/SharksThe 2021 Canyon Runner Seminar Speakers combine for 10,000 days in the Canyons, Produced 2,000+ Big-Eyes, & Millions in Tournament Winnings!

Huge Upgrade from Year’s Past – because now we will Cover It All and for the first time you’ll be able to See It All. All 16 Classes (4 each Saturday) will be yours to attend live via Cell or Computer on Zoom!
And – if you just want to attend one Saturday based on the agenda at a discounted price you can do that too!
$20,000 in Door Prizes – We’ll Mail Them to You!  FREE $100 Spreader Bar & Bag for Groups of 4 or More!
$150 for All Four Saturdays
$50 Per Saturday if You Only Want to Attend Certain Classes
Call 732-272-4445
Only One Device Can Login Per/Ticket Purchased
Raising $25,000+ for Wounded VeteransOPERATION RESTORED WARRIORVETERANS HEALING VETERANS OF PTSD Every year we try to get as many Military personnel we can offshore for FREE – in the last few year we got close to 350 servicemen offshore tuna fishing and striper fishing. We carry this support for our Military into our Seminar by donating $10/ticket directly to our Veterans.
We’ve Raised Over $100,000 for various Military Charties in the last Few Years – Help Us Add to That Number in 2021 – Join Our Team and Attend
 MOST CLASSES EVER – ALL WILL BE COVERED! 1) Recon – The Art of Finding Tuna – How & WHEN to Find and Catch Your Quarry Without Fishing the Crowd – Fish Earlier and Farther2) Midshore Tuna Game Plan – Trolling & Chunking3) Midshore Tuna – When, Where, Why & How “Core Class”4) Top Water Tuna – Plugging, Popping and Stick Baits – Casting for Tuna2) Advanced Big-Eye Tactics – Specialized Big-eye Tuna Trolling Techniques3) Offshore Sharking for Monster Makos4) Water Temp Chlorophyll & Current Analysis5) Canyon Success Without Targeting Bigeyes (Focus on Yellowfins, Longfins, Mahis, Swords – How to Adapt to What & WHEN the Ocean Gives)6) Using Your Electronics to Find Fish7) Why 10 % Catch 90% of the Fish – Top Ten Reasons Same Crews Regularly Outfish the Fleet8) Hi-Tech Bait Rigging for Tuna & Swords9) Rigging Tackle – Crimping – Top Shots10) Small Boat Dredge Fishing – Capt. Tim Pickett11) Tuna Trolling – Must Know to Excel Offshore12) Day-Time Sword Fishing the Canyons13) Canyon Chunking 101 “Core Class” – Rig Up like a Professional Crew14) Offshore Trolling & Chunking from a Center Console15) Winning Marlin Tactics18) Learn How to Truly Run the Pit like the Professional Mate19) Latest Tracking Northeast Yellowfin & Big-Eye Tuna
 For additional information and TicketsCall 732-272-4445Email: 

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