Here’s wishing all a Fishy New Year!

My New Years Eve went better than last years at a pond across the street from my Ft. Myers winter home. Though I caught only one largemouth bass running a Z Man paddletail over the surface, there was no encounter with an alligator!

There are many changes in seasons starting today. plus imposition of the mandatory use of circle hooks when using natural baits for striped bass in N.J. Those circles must be non-offset.🔚

Chuck Many made a solo trip to Cape Charles, Va. to release this striper stuffed with roe while fishing in the rain.

Small craft warnings are up through Saturday afternoon as southeast winds gust to 25 knots tonight. However, the morning forecast is for a surf calming west at 15-20 knots with gusts to 30.


  1. Do you not think a pregnant fish will have stress issues stop showing this a hole with roe stuffed fish think about it. Also when does the thrill stop??


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