Even the beginning of a gale couldn’t stop some surfcasters from getting in a possible last shot at stripers before the storm.

Nick Honachefsky reported “
Crushed it this morning again in the surf! Nasty 25 to 30 knots northeast fish started hitting at 615 am until 8 am red hot. All on black tail ava jigs you had to get to the bottom but soon as you began to reel, whamo! Landed 16 fish and shook off another 5 or so with the heavy surf. Some were pushing the 29 inch mark. Hands were ice cold numb once they got wet! If I was casting all the time i was trying to warm my hands up probably would’ve had more fish “

The forecast shifts to a storm warning at 6 p.m. with NE gusts to 50 knots and seas up to 14 feet plus snow and rain. Thursday starts with north winds at 25-38 knots and gusts to 40 before diminishing to to 20-25 knots in the afternoon.

Now for some warmer thoughts here’s Sean Worrell with a Florida tripletail.

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