There were no boat reports after the weather forecasts led to cancellations of shortened Thanksgiving trips. However, the forecast for Black Friday is west at a mere 5-10 knots with seas down to two to four feet. On Wednesday there was great striper fishing between the channels and also in the ocean — so it’s likely there will be a repeat under fine conditions. As noted in yesterday’s blog, Black Friday is probably the busiest party boat day of the year. Add in the pandemic restrictions on capacity, and it’s a sure thing boats will sail early in order to get in on the best bite. Make reservations, and get to the boat long before sailing time!

The Jamaica from Brielle will be sailing early at 6 a.m.

John Bushell Jr. weighed a 19 1/4-pound striper at Betty & Nick’s in Seaside Park for Matthew Ferrera — his biggest. One regular caught 14 stripers from 1 to 4 a.m. yesterday on swimmers. All were in the 20-22-inch class. Bushell noted that some red drum have also been reported from the still relatively mild surf.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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