There likely won’t be any boat fishing in exposed areas tomorrow as a gale warning is posted.

There will be southeast winds at 15-20 knots early plus gusts to 25 — before increasing to 25-30 with gusts to 40 in the afternoon when seas increase to 7 feet.

Striper fishing was tough today. The Golden Eagle from Belmar saw lots of stripers thrashing on the surface, but only a few overs were released and a few keepers boated. Of course, they will not sail Sunday.

At Atlantic Highlands, Capt. Rob Semkewyc had readings on his Sea Hunter similar to yesterday’s hot bite, but the bass were turned off today and most were under 28 inches. Some slots and a few larger bass saved the day. Capt. Ron Santee Jr. was happy he left early with the Fishermen as the first drift provided almost all the action for the day though they picked away at a few bass and blues, Those boats won’t be sailing tomorrow.


  1. Hey al fished with captain Brian Keating today lit up the bass on tactical anglers poppers and savage gear Mack stick. Unreal fishjng all on the surface. Landed fish to 30 pounds got plenty of a lot fish. Found em good under birds


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