Though yesterday’s gale was supposed to drop down after midnight, it was still blowing fairly hard early in the morning and was enough to discourage boat fishermen as there were no reports. That should change tomorrow as the forecast is for southwest at 5-10 knots until it increases to 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots in the afternoon.

The surf was in fairly good shape this morning, but I didn’t hear of any hot action — which is overdue.

Sorry about the photo in last night’s blog repeating when I published. I’ve been having a hard time with photos ever since Word Press changed the system.

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  1. Hey Al. I’ve been doing well with bass in surf before the blow and after now. Evening and night. Fish from 20 inches to 15 pounds and some that bent my hooks on a Bomber. SP minnows and Ava jigs. I’ll send you a few pictures [cid:761B9F76-6945-4712-9E92-F5F14BF4F02F-L0-001] [cid:7AC184F4-BA99-4582-8ED8-CF2254AE9C46-L0-001]


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