With a gale warning posted today, I doubt if anyone sailed this morning.

However. there’s a big change coming for the weekend. Saturday is predicted to start with north winds at 10-15 knots before diminishing to east at 5 -10 knots in the afternoon. Sunday starts at 10-15 southwest before increasing to 15-20 knots in the afternoon. The first blast of winter is ahead on Monday with northwest winds at 20-25 knots that should get the fall surf striper run started.

Party and charter boats are all likely to sail both days this weekend.

Wednesday was the last fishable day, and it seemed as if most boaters did well with oversized stripers. Yet, some “keeper” bass below the maximum of less than 38 inches in New Jersey were caught.

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant had a great day as most stripers ranged from 35 to 45 inches, and many fares caught from three to five, Both jigs and snagged bunkers worked — and Capt. Dave Riback noted that only the lazy fishermen who just kept bumping bottom with a jig instead of working it failed to catch.

Miss Belmar Princess is looking forward to more great striper action tomorrow when both boats will sail for stripers rather than bluefish.

At Atlantic Highlands, the Sea Hunter is ready to seek giant stripers again and hope for some smaller ones, while the Fishermen will join them in that pursuit after giving up on bottom fishing.


  1. Al, the marine forecast calls for 4-5 ft Diminishing in the afternoon to around 3ft. I don’t think smaller boats should head out with a small craft warning until Saturday afternoon. I love your column, but the marine forecast is science and I drive 1 1/2 hours to launch my boat. 2 ft or less is go time unless your talking 30+ foot boats. Albert


    1. I was thinking in terms of party and charter boats. Small boats are a different story, especially if you have to deal with an ocean inlet coming back on an ebb tide. Raritan Bay should be perfect today.


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