Sorry for the brief Blog yesterday. but after doing a detailed report I was unable to publish it. I’m hoping for better luck today.

I joined Capt. Erwin Heinrich today on his Scales N Tales from Twin Lights Marina in Highlands, along with Jim Hutchinson Jr. of The Fisherman magazine, Jerry Gomber of Folsom Fishing Tackle, and Point Pleasant marine art dealer Tom Lynch. Erwin started the morning in light rain in Raritan Bay with striper readings and spraying bunker schools, but we weren’t getting hits among them by casting Tsunami shads. Gomber managed a 39-inch striper, but the skipper made what turned out to be a good move by taking a quick run down the beach with his 31 Contender where we encountered many more schools of bunkers with some bass under them which were willing to vary their diet. I finally got hot and released four stripers in a row starting with a fat 49-incher on the 6.5-inch Heavy Tsunami Pearl Spot Shad worked slow and deep after casting to the edge of splashing bunker schools. All of the bass we caught were well over the maximum size, but we weren’t complaining about having to fight bass too big before heading in when it slowed down..

The forecast isn’t too bad early tomorrow if you don’t mind rain. The wind forecast is only 5-10 knots northeast before increasing to 15-20 with gusts to 30 knots in the afternoon. A gale warning will go up tomorrow evening to Friday afternoon.

At Atlantic Highlands, Capt. Rob Semkewyc has had fine striper action with some anglers catching multiple big stripers up to 50 pounds. He is sailing in the morning, and advises anglers to dress for the rain. All of his bass have been too big to keep, but that could change any day.

The Fishermen has given up bottom fishing, and will resume sailing on Saturday when stripers will be the target.

Miss Belmar Princess reports getting into big bass today that were on the surface and hitting heavy Ava jigs. They also reported having some keepers.

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant had a very good Tuesday Striper Marathon trip for the big bass up to 47 inches as Jim Steel was high hook with six releases to 46 inches.


There’s marginal weather ahead of us, so be sure to check with skippers before coming down t

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