Even with hundreds of boats often in the Triple Wrecks area, the yellowfin tuna fishery has been holding up, though there are a few days when those fish turn off. Meanwhile., the canyon fishing has been the best in decades with lots of yellowfins plus frequent bigeyes and the best showing of albacore in years.

The Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant has been sold out for months, but they are now adding some dates in October with some of their former captains with their own boats. Call 732 272-4445 for info.

At Belmar, the Golden Eagle reported a very good yellowfin trip on Monday with many limits up to 80 pounds and no one shut out –while twice as many tuna were lost. They’ve added another such 18-hour trip that will sail at 11 p.m. Oct. 17.

Miss Belmar Princess picked away at mostly 2-pound blues today with some limit catches.

The Jamaica from Brielle has been doing well om their tuna trips except for Saturday when the yellowfins had “lockjaw”. Yet, the next day 50-70-pounders turned on again. They’ve added another such trip for Sunday Oct. 11. Call 732 528-5014. There will also be limited bonito and bluefish trips at 7 a.m. Thursday and Friday.

Capt. Dave De Gennaro has been doing well with weakfish and other small game in his grass shrimp chum on days he can’t get out offshore for yellowfins with his Hi Flier from Barnegat — or to Barnegat Rudge for little tunny and bonito.

A gale warning is up this evening for south gusts to 30 knots. but by morning that’s down to west at 15-20 with gusts to 30 that should knock down the rough surf.

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