Yellowfin tuna have been in place at the Triple Wrecks area for a long time, and even a stretch of northeast winds didn’t move them.

Lou Grazioso was mating yesterday for Capt. David Goldman on Shore Catch, and reported that fishing was as good as it has been. They had live peanut bunkers which really turned the tuna on. Most of those fish are in the 40-60-pound class — with some up to 80 pounds. In addition to stomachs being full of chunk baits, Lou also found natural forage in the form of sand eels.

New York anglers have their last weekend of fluke fishing as their season ends Wednesday.

NOAA announced that General category bluefin tuna fishing will be closed from Sept. 27-30 before reopening on Oct. 1.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands had another good porgy bite today. but there was a very strong current that required 10-ounce sinkers. Anglers are advised to bring rods with enough backbone to handle heavy sinkers. A 4-pound triggerfish took today’s pool. Also at that port, the Prowler returns to bottom fishing this weekend as does the Elaine B. II from Bahrs in Highlands.

Bluefish are in the picture for ocean party boats along with the possibility of little tunny and bonito.

Allen Riley got back to the Sandy Hook surf this morning and found ideal conditions with a flat surf. He tried all kinds of lures and had no hits as there also wasn’t any bait in the surf. In talking to regulars there, he found out that’s the way it’s been. As he was leaving, birds started attacking bait well offshore as boaters raced to that action.

Surfcasting along the Monmouth County coast was better during the rough waters, and shallow waters at dawn and dusk haven’t helped.

John Bushell Jr. at Betty & Nick’s in Seaside Parks reports that blues have returned to the local surf, but he declared that the mullet run is over already. They have lots of flash frozen mullet for bait.


  1. The mullet run is not over, it may be a poor run and it may be sporadic but I still saw mullet in the surf at Island Beach State Park yesterday.


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