Sorry for the late report, but uncooperative fish forced Chuck Many to pull out all his tricks today and once again prove that striper fishing can be good in the N.Y. Harbor area when the conditions are right.

The star of the day was Bryan Pieros, who switched from striper fishing in the Hudson River and did the right thing at the right time to jig a doormat fluke weighing 10 pounds, four ounces on his digital scale while working a jig and live spot combo. Then Many returned to a previously unproductive spot late in the day to put us into three stripers up to a 31-pounder on live bunkers when wind and current were in the same direction after only one bass had been released all day. I’ll have more about this tomorrow.

Capt. Lou Grazioso passed along the good news that yellowfin tuna are still biting over 70 miles offshore. I’ll also have more details on that tomorrow.

The forecast remains good with east winds at just 5-10 knots.


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