The scales closed at 9 p.m., and transmission was lost before I could double check the final results of the MidAtlantic. I’ll bring everything up to date tomorrow morning.

MJ’s did it again in the tuna category. After sitting on a big lead with a 189-pound bigeye, they proved to be the only crew capable of beating that mark by adding a 195-pound bigeye to take first and second — pushing The Right Place to third.

Salty Tiger broke the ice with blue marlin yesterday, but their 489-pounder was blown away when Griffen arrived early with an 815-pound blue. They then had a scare when Is That So arrived with the second place 803-pounder.

There were many qualifying white marlin, but nothing to challenge the leading 91-pounder by Blood Money. Fish On did record a late 77-pounder which ties Big Oil for second. Uno Mas boated a 73-pound white.

Billfisher had no competition for its 46-pound dolphin, but Fishbone moved into a tie for second with Christine Marie at 33 pounds. There were no wahoo again, and Canyon Runner took the division with their 42-pounder.

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