Just as has been the case for a few years, an abundance of chub mackerel has made up for inconsistent summer action with a depleted bluefish population.

Today’s report from the Golden Eagle out of Belmar emphasized that report by noting they had “uncountable” numbers of the small mackerel which are easy for even beginners to catch on small jigs and mackerel multiple jigging rigs. They’re much smaller than the Atlantic mackerel that have practically disappeared from our spring and winter waters since NMFS continued to provide quotas for foreign fleets after the 200-mile limit was signed into law by Pres. Ford – and despite opposition to that depletion of declining stocks by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Fortunately, chubs have filled a void and provide lots of good eating for anglers who may not get into blues some days.The Golden Eagle reported some blues were caught today along with some sea bass, fluke and even a hefty black drum’

There was a showing of cocktail blues in the Bay Head surf this morning. It was all blind casting with metal. and most anglers managed a few. Those small blues have been most abundant to the south this season.

Northeast winds arrive tomorrow. The forecast is for only 5-10 early with some showers and thunderstorms possible — but they increase to 10-15 and gusty later.

Below is a shot of the huge white marlin which won last week’s White Marlin Open out of Ocean City, Maryland.

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