The 47th White Marlin Open kicks off at Ocean City Maryland on Monday and runs through Sunday. Despite the tropical storm coming this week, there should be three good fishing days for the over 400 boaters to select.

The offshore forecast for Monday is marginal. Southwest winds at 10-20 knots with 3-5-foot seas and showers are predicted, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of boats taking a shot since there are daily cash prizes that may be won by any boat able to find a tuna, wahoo, dolphin or marlin.

The storm’s impact will be felt on Tuesday with south winds at 35-45 knots and 10-foot seas, but improves rapidly after that. It’s southwest at 10-15 offshore by Wednesday and dropping to 5-10 knots that afternoon.

Today’s south wind made for tough bluefishing on the Golden Eagle from Belmar. The seas were choppy, and fish reluctant to bite though some blues, chub mackerel, sea bass, ling and fluke were picked’

The surf was rough this morning as I briefly cast a popper at Sea Girt with no other anglers around. Bob Correll said he saw Spanish mackerel arching well out of range at Bay Head.

Capt. Ron Santee Jr. was pleasantly surprised to find a decent bite of fluke on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands despite the south wind that usually turns them off. The pool winner was a 5-pounder

Tomorrow may be fishable inshore though the south wind has been gusting to 25 knots this afternoon. By morning it’s supposed to be down to southwest at 5-10 knots before increasing to 10-15 with gusts to 20 and 4-5-foot seas in the afternoon. By Tuesday evening it will be southeast at 35 knots.


  1. Had a very interesting day on the water today. In Sandy Hook Bay primarily as we started out today we saw a fish popping up everywhere. So I threw out some small things that I had and we started trolling to our surprise nothing hit the this slow troll so I Spit It Up. When I noticed they were Spanish mackerel. We caught 10 of them real nice fish. The we then ice them down and went fluking. And the fluking turned on well to with the south wind blowing us across some rough bottom in the bay and we had one fish that was nine and a half pounds. The rest were just keepers and a bit above. Then the wind got too strong to stay out there for a good drift so we came in but it was a good day out there


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