It’s unusual for a fluke tournament out of an inshore port to be postponed, as there’s always someplace to fish for fluke in protected waters, but that’s what the Raritan Bay Anglers did with their 30th annual fluke contest.

I didn’t receive a press release about that contest, but became aware of it when fluke pro dave Lilly called after Thursday’s captains meeting to inform me that those seeking a postponement so the ocean might be fishable after the tropical storm outvoted those willing to settle the contest in Raritan Bay today. Big swells are bad news for an ocean fluke


  1. Since the year 2000. Anglers have been asking for Captain’s discretion in the tournament said have taken place. And this is the first one that I’ve heard of that is one of the biggies. That has actually canceled the tournament instead of allowing the captains to use their own discretion. Maybe times have finally changed once again. I was never an advocate of Captain’s discretion especially when you take other people’s lives in your hands. And that’s what it’s all about it’s not just the money from the tournament it’s the attitude I can fish anywhere Anytime Anyplace. It does not help. I have been in many tournaments over the years I’ve won some replaced and others. They know my brother and I from the many tournaments in the northern end including the high Mar striper tournament Monmouth Beach car toppers. And other fluke and other tournaments that took place over the years. And we were always on the cautious side when they canceled it it was for a good reason.


  2. Hey Al hope all is well with you and you got your computer working! Have a little dated report from 2 weeks ago up the Cape we did a trip with Jimmy the Greek On Time Sportfishing awesome guy you might know him! Anyway limit of fluke both days on Nantucket rips up to 12.75 pounds several 11’s and 10’s great fishing plus some humphead seabass!


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