Miss Belmar Princess reported having to work harder for them, but found 2-4-pound blues on top and worked hard to fool them with Ava 27 jigs as most fares had their five bluefish limits.

Capt. Ron Santee had to move around to scratch out fluke on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands, but Mike Lee proved that working hard can produce even when the bite isn’t on as he jigged all day to bag his limit. The pool fluke was 4 pounds.

Capt. Freddy Gamboa had another fine offshore trip with his Andrea’s Toy yesterday as he bent the rods quickly with bluefin tuna up to 55 inches, and then switched to tilefish as his party boxed two dozen ranging up to a 20-pounder.

The howling winds this afternoon should diminish overnight to southwest at 5-10 knots by morning. Once again there’s a chance of showers and thunder storms in the afternoon,

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  1. Drifting for fluke still is not consistent for this time of the year. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it’ll switch around but we did make a couple of trips in some of the areas that are noted for large flute and we came up with a 25 lb black drum on a squid strip. So we took off from there and went out to Scotland. Where we found Ling very Cooperative until the cloud started to gather this afternoon and we headed back in. Good thing we did we hit the dock just before the rain came in. It was a fine day of fishing put your time in you will come up with a good catch


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