Though the weather prediction is good, it will be a whole new ball game when anglers get back to fishing tomorrow. Today’s exceptionally strong winds followed by afternoon storms will shake up the ocean and muddy some inshore waters. All of what was learned before the bad weather may have to be discarded in favor of a new search.

That especially applies to the inshore bluefin tuna run which had been very good at Little Italy and even closer to the beach though Capt. Chris Di Stefano said he heard that Little Italy trollers had to go further south Wednesday in order to find school bluefins.

I suspect that most party boats stayed in port today, but the Golden Eagle is ready to sail from Belmar tomorrow– probably checking for schools of small blues before filling bags with sea bass and ling. The surf may require a few tide changes to clear up, but you never know. There had been sightings of bunkers out of range in many areas, and those who happen to be around when stripers attack them have scored with stripers on popping plugs.

Small blues are also a surf possibility. Dan Sheehan said bunkers stayed out of casting range yesterday morning at Sandy Hook, but some small blues hit Hogy epoxy jigs.

Point Pleasant Canal has been dead lately, but it was the only place I was sure would be fishable this morning. Casting a jig into the howling south wind wasn’t easy, but I actually had the opportunity to catch something. A fish fighting like a legal fluke came off at the surface with a splash at 5:20 when it wasn’t bright enough to identify it as the Z Man jig came out. Later, I had a small blue on for four jumps before it got rid of the jig next to the wall. There were also two other taps on the ebb before I left. The only other angler released about a 16-inch striper.

Ray Rogalski commented on Monday’s whale incident, and noted that he was trolling close to the beach recently when a whale seemed to make an aggressive move toward him. That’s something I’d never heard about before.

The south wind should decrease after midnight to north at 5-10 knots before switching to southwest in the afternoon.

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  1. You know Al in the young of the year that they take down in Maryland in the Chesapeake. Why do they not take it in the Delaware River system or in American bass system. And up the Hudson. This Connecticut River also should be sampled. There are questions about NOAA. And how they do their research. Same thing goes for the way that they sample the fluke they come in Shore and the winter flounder. They have really no clue to bottom-feeding fish other than the fact that the draggers tear up acres and Acres of great forage and small Bait fish that they feed on but they don’t take that into account when they do their research. And during this morning times for things like Whiting and other fish that swim in the ocean including stripers there should be a. That we don’t fish them as we do with the Blackfish today. We have to give fish a chance to reproduce and we don’t seem to be able to allow the commercial sector to understand that. And stay away from those species of fish however 5 patch must be caught and kept. Because throwing them back into the ocean just does not seem to fit in to today’s Times. All of these Fishery councils that we have have done an injustice 2R sport Fishery.


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