The Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant reports great canyon tuna trolling if you’re willing to run far enough south.

Captains Deane Lambros and Mike Zajac ran over 100 miles south on Monday to find the right water, but the Brian Gottlieb party was into fast bluefin trolling at the 1000-fathom line as 30 were caught though they kept only three as four larger yellofins were added.

On Tuesday, Karl Hackkert and his two sons trolled eight bluefins (releasing all but 5) and a bigeye before moving into the shallower big bluefin grounds to troll a 57-inch 100-pounder on a “way back” balao.

Capt. Rob Semkewyc said the stripers won on his first trip for that species with his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands. He’ll try again Friday, and urges anglers to bring a lighter spinner to snag bunkers plus a heavier outfit for fishing those big baits.

Mark Roy fished Raritan Bay all day and never found a striper at any of the spots he’s been trolling them with mojos from his Release Me out of Raritan Marina in Hazlet,

Bunkers have been moving into the beach at times to the south, but anglers have to be there with perfect timing to order to get popping plugs to them. Betty & Nick’s in Seaside Park reports a 31-pounder was beached this morning.

Jerry Lasko waited at IBSP all morning, but the bunkers and bass stayed out of range. He picked a small blue, and Maren Toleno released a 26-inch striper.

Light winds are expected in the morning as the marine forecast is for southwest at 5-10 knots before increasing 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots in the afternoon — along with showers or thunder storms.

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