Gusty northwest winds have resulted in both near-record low morning temperatures and blowout tides making for poor dawn and dusk surf fishing’ However, John Bushell Jr. at Betty & Nick’s in Seaside Park reported the release of a 25-pound striper by one of his customers a couple of days ago.

Though  some all-time low temperatures for the date may be set in the morning, there should be a big change after that. Small craft warnings are coming down tonight, and the morning forecast is for northwest winds at 5-10 knots before going southwest at 10-15 with gusts to 20 in the afternoon.

Raritan Bay remains the hot spot for stripers. Eugene Jones  reported he was also one of the few on the bay Monday for the hot bite despite crazy squalls. He said he caught 10 bass up to 50 pounds.



  1. Hi Al. Thanks very much for the call out in today’s blog. Here are some of the photo evidence from Monday morning attached. I took my good friend out - Gary Garamella who is a retired fire chief of Caldwell NJ and has been on the front lines of COVID. We maintained social distance and wore masks except for the pictures.  I have a boat named “Jonesin” out of Monmouth Cove Marina. 

    I am wearing the cap with the red jacket.  FYI –  I could swear I saw you in the back bay earlier in April this year.  I was slowly cruising past a boat that totally looked like you lifting a large bass over the side with a broad smile. It  looked like you were jigging by yourself.  is that possible? I hope you are keeping well    Tight lines! Eugene Jones

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