The cold, raw spring continues as small craft warnings are posted through tomorrow afternoon.

Northeast winds of 15-20 knots tonight drop a bit to north at 10-15 plus gusts to 20 in the morning along with likely showers.

Scott Leadbeater of Haddon Heights got his Aquasport center console into the water yesterday morning for its 24th year at Atlantic Highlands , and took advantage of the calm morning to fish for stripers among about 100 boats in Raritan Bay from Romer Shoal to Union Beach. Only one short was caught among lots of marks tight to the bottom before he moved to Chapel Hill where the marks were higher. Three stripers from 15 to 18 pounds were then caught in 30 minutes.

Tommy Cox has been enjoying kayak fishing in Lemon Bay on Florida’s lower west coast before heading back to New Jersey. Casting to the mangroves has produced a variety of species up to large redfish and snook.

The lack of pressure on Florida’s east coast has resulted in much better fishing. My nephew, Todd Correll got a report of one boat that caught 40 sailfish in a day off Key West, which is something I’ve never heard of there before.


  1. Blackfish closes Friday Thursday is the last day. Until it opens up again at 1 fish. The weather this weekend has been not that great. I have a feeling that those readings that they’re seeing near the bottom or probably blue fish. It is their turn to come into the bay in the river to feed as soon as the weather gets right they will be back up on top chewing on everything. But the temperatures in the bay have not led to that as of yet. The water in the ocean is a mere 45 we need some sunny days in a row to get that temperature up. And it just doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this coming week either. But eventually it will break loose like every year and we’ll go right from a Cool Spring into a hot summer


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