The N.J. party boat fleet is being hit hard this month, though not entirely by the pandemic. I got word today that Capt. Stan Zagleski Sr., of Elaine B. II from Bahrs in Highlands has passed away.

The information I have at present is that Stan broke his hip, but in the hospital they found him “full of cancer” — and he never got out.

Stan specialized in catching doormat fluke, even though he didn’t normally drift the rocky bottoms. I’m sure that Stan ,Jr. will carry on the tradition when party boat fishing resumes.

Though west winds are gusting to 30 knots this evening, they are predicted to drop to 5-10 in the morning before shifting to southeast in the afternoon.



  1. my condolences to Captain’s Captain Stan was a phenomenal captain in Highlands running out of bhars domestic Market. And knew him for many years and his son a couple of quality people. Very knowledgeable in the fishing industry. On the other hand the cool windy spring that we’ve had since March ended and the rainy weather has not subsided giving a short windows of sunny weather and then the wind comes up with it. The fish are there if you can just get the window to work them without getting beaten up by the waves. Nobody has been offshore so there is no word on that fishery whatsoever.


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