A storm warning has been posted for Monday, and south winds are already predicted to gust to 30 knots this afternoon before blowing at 30-40 knots in the morning plus gusts to 50 and 10-15-foot seas.  The marine forecast is only for showers, but land-based forecasts are predicting heavy morning rain along with thunderstorms. The winds are supposed to drop to 10-15 knots in the afternoon.  A perfect day for social distancing!


  1. Just got in from fishing trying the boat up for this blow that’s coming predicting winds up to 60 miles an hour perhaps even stronger and thunderstorms. Latest marine forecast. Fish most of the day morning and afternoon tides in the river did very well with stripers and even a couple surprise blue fish. That we did not want. The the stripers were up to about 15 lb give or take a couple. We counted at least 20 fish. So things are looking good after this blow goes by hopefully this will be the last one for a while. Keep our fingers crossed


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