All sorts of events have been pushed back, due to the pandemic,  in hopes that they can be conducted later in the year.

While talking with Tom Fote of the JCAA today, he noted that the Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament has been pushed back from May to Oct. 25. That family-oriented contest was originally held in the fall, before being moved to take advantage of the spring bluefish run.

The statewide JCAA Fluke Tournament has been moved to Sept. 12, and the awards party will be on the 18th in Resorts Casino Hotel at Atlantic City.

Fote is also the Governor’s Appointee to the ASMFC, and he is pushing for an extension of the fluke season into the fall. As I noted in a recent blog, it’s almost a sure thing that the public won’t come near filling their fluke quota under existing regulations and with the lack of party and charter boats this year, so it’s only fair that some action should be taken to soften the blow.

I thought that commercial fishermen would be doing well due to the demand for food. However, a report on News12 indicated that their markets had shrunk as restaurants started closing. Draggers were bringing in lots of fluke, porgies and sea bass and are selling them at “prices not seen in decades” at the Point Pleasant docks.

Fote also witnessed the closing of parking at Seaside Park, as access is shrinking rapidly despite the fact that the beaches at this time of year present no problems for dawn and dusk fishermen. Today’s News12 report also showed the close of seaside parking at Spring Lake.

The wind has continued howling at up to 40 knots today, and will continue west at 20-25 knots in the morning before dropping to 15-20 in the afternoon.

Sunday looks better with southeast at 5-10 knots in the morning, until shifting to south at 10-15 knots plus gusts in the afternoon.


  1. It was an impossible Good Friday day to fish. Took a look at the bay and you could forget that trip. Looked up the river and it was all white water. Maybe tomorrow it will be a bit better but I doubt it. At Sunday the wind is going to go to the South and blow. And Monday is a washout. Let’s hope this blows itself out and good weather returns


  2. Hi Al Ristori,

    I picked up The Star Ledger for the first time in a while, and you weren’t in there. I DuckDuckGo searched and found your blog. I signed up and also requested your email updates. I already love it. Exactly the kind of thing I like to read.

    Thanks for the effort,


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