Though I was hopeful yesterday that the Saltwater Fishing Expo would go ahead as scheduled, the ongoing concern about the coronavirus spread led to a cancellation notice today of the show that was set to open Friday.

Tady Lures owner Gary Quon was one of those who arrived just before the decision, and had to make arrangements to fly back to California right away. At least the decision to comply with other shutdowns in the area came before exhibits were set up.

Anglers should have a good day coming up. The Thursday forecast is for only 5 -10-knot winds in the morning before increasing to 10-15 in the afternoon.

At Belmar, the Ocean Explorer will be seeking cod tomorrow at 7:30. The Golden Eagle has scheduled a return to fishing on March 28 and 29.


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  1. Do the virus I have to redo my plans for Friday if the weather is good I will be on my boat out fishing. It is unfortunate this virus is going all over the place it’s a pandemic from what they’re saying. That’s worse than an epidemic. hoping that everyone stays well. If you feel the least way sick stay home take care of yourselves we want to see you out there on the the water fishing this summer


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