With marginal weather predicted for Saturday, the Big Jamaica  has moved their offshore wreck trip to 1 a.m. Sunday. Space is available by calling 732 528-5014.

They didn’t have a specific report for last Saturday’s trip, but noted that porgies, cod and pollock were caught.

Unfortunately, the Jamaica also had sad news as their lead deckhand, Dominic Wines, has passed away.

Dominic Wines

A small craft advisory is up for tonight, and that becomes a gale watch Friday. Friday morning starts with south winds at 15-20 knots plus gusts to 30 and rain before shifting to the west in the afternoon at 25-30 knots and gusts to 40 and 7-10-foot seas. Those winds drop to 15-20 knots by Saturday morning — and further to 10-15 by afternoon. Sunday is looking good with east winds of just 10 knots and seas down to 3 feet.

There was a lot of wind to the south today as Bassmaster, in a very rare fresh water move, had to postpone the opening day  of their St. John’s River Tournament due to a forecast of winds gusting to over 40 knots.

Bob Correll was casting off the dock of a home he’s renting in Jupiter, Fl. yesterday evening when he was surprised by a 4-pound bluefish hitting his Crystal Minnow. That was much larger than any of the very small blues he caught last summer casting in his home surf at Bay Head, N.J. That blue was larger than most caught inshore in Florida, but some years there is a brief offshore run of very long, but skinny, blues moving to the north during the winter.


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  1. It has been very difficult this winter or at least the last few weeks to get out of the dock with all the rain and the wind. . But we’re hoping for a break here and they are in the next week or two. Fingers crossed that we can get out to the Seventeen fathoms area. But we are especially looking forward in March between the 13th and 15th for the saltwater show. . It is always been a big attraction. But much bigger and better now that it’s in Edison. . I was there the first year it started and I’ve been there every year since. And I look forward to meeting all my friends again and again. . It is the show of shows on the East Coast. For saltwater Anglers


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