The weather is fine in Palm Beach as I get ready to give my youngest daughter, and former mate on my charter boat, Cyndi away to Luis Gonzalez at their wedding in St. Ann’s. Luis is also an avid angler and boat owner.

Small craft warnings are up through late tonight in NY/NJ Bight, but will then shift to a calming west at 15 knots plus gusts to 20 tomorrow.

The Fisherman magazine will be hosting the last three winners of their annual Dream Boat contest from 1-2 p.m. in the Steiger Craft booth at the New York Boat Show. Included is Garrett Weir, who lost the 2018 contest on a tiebreaker, but went on to run way with last year’s Dream Boat.


  1. Al Congratulations to Cindi and Luis. Looks like we have good weather Monday here in Sebastian. Would you like to fish? Captain Charlie

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  2. Standing on the dock the other day with my boat is in the tree spray River I happened to notice some fish that swim under the dock heading up the river towards Sea Bright. A closer examination of those fish appeared to be bunker. As they swim along in two groups. Water temperature is hanging around 40 45° in the river. Sorry I’m not extremely surprised but for the time of the year I am. And Alice is for you congratulations on your daughter’s wedding I hope she’s happy and everyone is well.


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