There are only a few days left in which to bid on everything from fishing tackle to dream trips throughout the world in the 36th  IGFA International Auction. Don’t hesitate to check out all that’s available by visiting

Capt. Jim Freda of Shore Catch Charters will be among those providing seminars at the Fly Fishing Show being held this weekend at the N.J. Convention & Expo Center in Edison.

The Canyon Runner Seminar in Atlantic City on Feb. 1 is almost sold out. In addition, there are 10 tickets still available for active duty and retired military. Call 732 272-4445.

Capt. Paul Eidman of Anglers for Offshore Wind Power will be presenting a free 6 p.m. seminar regarding that situation on Feb. 6 in the Forked River Tuna Club at 10 Bay Avenue.   Call Eidman at 732 614-3373 for additional info.

Chuck Manny continues to enjoy great catch and release striper action at Cape Charles, Virginia on his Ty Man. When some friends had to back out of a half-day trip last week, Manny trolled by himself to release seven of the roe-laden bass from 35 to 51 pounds. That brought the boat’s 50-pound bass total up to 17 this winter.

Light west winds should provide great fishing conditions in NY/NJ Bight this week. The forecast for tomorrow is northwest at just 5-10 knots.


  1. Why are we stressing those “roe laden big breeders” in the prime of their annual cycle and then advertising it like it’s something to be proud of? I struggle to understand the purpose of this, really! More, more, more, bigger, more, more —- and then we express disappointment in fishery being down, hold hearing and committee meetings, wonder where they’ve gone, and lament the commercial guys having more than what should be their fair share… I THINK WE NEED TO GIVE THE FISH A BREAK THIS TIME OF YEAR — let ‘em go make more — they don’t need me targeting them and finding a way to succeed in our brief visitations — as excited as I would be to do that…

    I once read a quote unrelated to fishing but it applies to the big roe laden breeders: “One thing a grown man should know above all else is when to stop”



    1. That’s a legitimate concern, but Chuck Manny is very conscious of making quick releases of fish which are mouth-hooked with circle hooks. I doubt that there is a mortality problem in this case.


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