Though the winter weather has been pretty good, it changes quickly — and another west gale watch is up from Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. However, Saturday starts well with southeast winds of a mere 5-10 knots before going southwest in the afternoon. Light rain and patchy fog is possible.

There were no fishing reports today, but the morning conditions should be fine for surfcasting and blackfishing. The Jamaica from Brielle will make their first Saturday cod trip of the winter at 4 a.m.  Room is available by calling 732 528-5014.

Chuck Manny continues to release big Virginia stripers during the catch and release season on his Ty Man out of Cape Charles. That included a 50 for Bob Bowden.

Bob Bowden 50

Chuck advises anglers who want a shot at these big pre-spawning bass that weigh more than normal, due to all the roe they’re carrying, by contacting SHO-NUF Sportfishing at 757 710-0098.That boat had a trip this week with eight bass out of 12 hits slow trolling live eels — and those bass releases ranged from 45 to 53 inches.

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  1. Al: Unless the picture was photoshopped it seems like a poor way to handle a bass that is going to be released! I’m a religious follower of your column but the photo is offensive. Sincerely- Stewart Rosen 917-923-9995



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