The gale watch in effect through Monday will certainly affect fishing, and may well push the school stripers still hanging on to feed on sand eels to the south before the waters clear.  East winds will be gusting to 25 knots tonight, and will be east at 20-25 knots tomorrow before gusting to 35 in the afternoon.

You never know what may happen at this time of year as long as water temperatures remain in the forties. As noted in yesterday’s blog, Joe Massa got into lots of school stripers on the way back from blackfishing to Morgan Marina with his My Three Sons. Those were only small bass under birds, but during Christmas Week about a decade ago my son Mike and I joined Massa to check out Shrewsbury Rocks and spotted bids working at the inner buoy. Mike dropped a jig, but the expected bass turned out to be a cod!

We went on to jig a mix of stripers and cod including both shorts and keepers up to the mid teens. I also caught bluefish (remember them?), and Mike even jigged a blackfish. To top it off, a medium bluefin tuna jumped out of the water at the inner buoy. Though cod are found in shallow waters at times in New England, it’s very rare to find them so close to shore in the Mid-Atlantic. Other boaters got some of those cod the next day before a storm put an end to what we thought might be a basic change to area fisheries that’s never been repeated.  A photo of the striper marks Massa had on his Fishfinder yesterday follows:

striper marks

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