Jerry Lasko said surfcasting for school stripers was an on-and-off pick all day in northern Ocean County, but the bass turned on just before dusk. Maren Toleno ended up with 41 releases, while Jerry had 31, Doug Fredericks 26, Will Fredericks 32, and John Gregor 15.

Small craft warnings go up late tonight for southwest gusts to 25 knots with likely rain. Monday starts with south winds at 15-20 knots that increase with gusts to 35 plus rain as a gale warning goes up.


  1. Fished south of Manasquan Inlet close to shore. Birds and boats everywhere. Used a 6″ sluggo in Arkansas Shiner on a 1oz jig head and crushed school bass all day long. Over 140 came over the rails yesterday and
    at least a dozen times we were tripled up. My only regret is the we didn’t bring the flyrods. That was the last trip of the year foe us.Thanks to my brother Jerry and our good friend Chad Wieder for another epic day.


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