Friday’s boating weather looks good, and the weekend should also be mostly fishable. For party boat striper anglers, this could be the end of the line.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar is sailing right through Sunday — which will be its last striper trip. The Big Mohawk from that port is sailing open for blackfish at 7 a.m. Friday.

Jerry Lasko said surfcasting wasn’t as good as the day before because it was too nice. The surf was flat and there was no white water under the sun. Yet, Maren Toleno still managed seven school stripers.

post storm bass


Tog-Nick wa

Small craft warnings come down in the morning with west winds of 10-15 knots plus gusts to 20. However, that shifts to southwest 15-20 in the afternoon with gusts to 30.

Capt. Hans Kaspersetz said he enjoyed fine blackfishing yesterday with Capt. Mark De Blasio on Waterproof.

Nick Honachefsky (above) of Saltwater Underground had a 10.25-pound tog to top his catch that day while fishing with Capt. Matty and using Magictail bucktails.


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