It didn’t look good for surfcasting yesterday with strong south winds predicted overnight. The surf was rough along the Jersey Shore, but there were reports from many Monmouth and Ocean County beaches of school stripers feeding on sand eels.

I was late getting to the beach I selected, and those who were there before daylight had been catching doubleheaders. It was more of a fairly steady pick there as the morning went on, though everyone caught stripers that were mostly in the 20-22-inch class at first before the very small bass often seen at the end of the fall became more common . I managed to release a 26-inch striper that was hard to get out of the heavy wash and looked big today, but my last fish was a 16-incher. I only caught one hickory shad and saw a few others. The Tsunami Sand Eel and various small jigs were producing. A young man named Gillon was catching bass as fast as any adult.

Most surprising was the mild weather and lack of rain while I was fishing. There wasn’t a whisper of wind and the rain had ended by the time I started in daylight. Bill Hoblitzell complained that he dressed for cold weather and was sweating in his waders. That changed a bit later when the wind shifted to NW and the temperature dropped so fast that my hands were cold within minutes.


The forecast for tomorrow is west at 10-15 knots with gusts to 20.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported good striper fishing despite the rain and wind. Lots of whales were spotted, and everyone brought home fish for dinner.

Joe Blaze had an unusual catch during yesterday’s charter with Two Rivers Charters  — a 2-3-pound bluefish that he jigged around Shrewsbury Rocks. That was the first one I’ve heard of since I caught one  while fishing with Chuck Many weeks ago. What happened to the great November bluefishing we used to have?

The Jamaica from Brielle reported a good Saturday offshore sea bass trip with many limits plus porgies, weakfish, a couple of cod and some ling and bluefish.  Thomsz Wojcik of Clifton won the pool with a 6-pound sea bass to edge Leon Jackson from Andover, Md. with a 5.5-pounder. There’s room on the Monday sailing at 11 p.m. and many other trips this week. Call 732 528-5014 for reservations.


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  1. We went out with the boat yesterday and today we tried getting out there at the end we had Non-Stop jigging with one long trips across Sandy Hook Bay up to Flynn’s Knoll all on Ava 27 jigs. We were releasing them as fast as we were hooking them on the bottom no birds just plain blind fishing. We had many Keepers that we released. If the weather is good this week we will be back at it again those fish apparently are going nowhere until the really cold weather sets in or we get a snowstorm. But they certainly are hungry. LOL

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