The Golden Eagle report didn’t come in before I posted my blog last night. That Belmar party boat had a great day with the big bass, claiming that there were a few 50-pounders included. Today’s catch wasn’t in that class, but they were able to pick away on bass to 48 inches during long drifts. See photo below,

The Big Mohawk from Belmar reported a good catch on their striper trip today, with a pool bass of about 40 pounds. However, they’ll be sailing in the morning for sea bass before running for stripers in Friday.

The Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands sailed Sunday with only a small group, but managed to get into bass of 40.2, 39, 37 and 25 pounds plus another keeper that wasn’t weighed. They’ll start sailing daily for stripers tomorrow.

The forecast for Wednesday is excellent, with west winds of 5-10 knots before increasing a bit to 10-15 in the afternoon.

The west wind cleared the surf, but it was still somewhat rough from the swell — though fishable. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a touch at Manasquan, nor did Vinny D’Anton further north.




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