For those who didn’t comment at the recent striped bass public hearings, the deadline for sending comments to the ASMFC is 5 p.m. Oct. 7.

Both Stripers Forever and the JCAA urge support of Option 2 which takes an 18 percent reduction from both recreational and commercial quotas in order to restore the stocks.

E-mails should go to — with a title of Striped Bass Draft Addendum VI.

The northeast wind put a big dent in fishing today, but there were a couple of good reports. The Golden Eagle from Belmar said they had good jigging for bluefish and added a 15-pound cod.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands was able to fish at anchor on the incoming tide to catch big porgies  plus sea bass that can’t be kept until Oct. 8 — while a big triggerfish took the pool.

Unlike today, the wind tomorrow will get worse in the afternoon. A small craft warning goes up in the morning with south winds at 10-15 knots and gusts to 20 — but gets stronger in the afternoon at 15-20 with gusts to 30 knots.


    1. I’ve long been a striped bass game fish advocate. Would like to see the feds eliminate interstate commerce for them just as was done with the Black Bass Act over a century ago.


  1. Al I blasted the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Council when I put my location down for what I thought was the best way to do it. But I told them straight out why can’t they follow the New Jersey Rule and make the striped bass a game Fish up and down the coast it gives the fish at 3 Mile with from land do offshore anything within a 3-mile radius is strictly off-limits to commercial Fishery. This gives them a chance to go down the coast I come up the Coast unappreciated by the commercial sector no more netting within the screen mile Zone. If the federal government wants to give them fish well that’s up to the federal government. But I think that the whole thing is ridiculous and that’s pretty much what I was telling him New Jersey has led the way since the early 1950s and before and it was a Sportsman’s clubs of New Jersey that got us the 18 in 10 fish limit to begin with. And everybody abided by it even the commercial sector agreed with it. And now we have a burgeoning striped bass Fishery but my rivers and our base what does it take rocks to hit the rest of the states in the head for them to understand this is the best method the fish can come in to spawn without being impeded by the commercial sector. I get so sick and tired of shouting this out to them I just don’t think they have anything but corn stalks in their ears. You and I have been fishing many long years and we know but I just cannot understand the other states thinking that they’re doing good when the fishery is dying off once again cuz I remember the bad days in the 80s we still had fish here in New Jersey and we were still catching stripers while everybody else was climbing the walls because they didn’t have any. But we paid the price once again as we always do here in New Jersey. Because nobody comes out to help the sport Fishery at least not politically. Fishing on the whole today was good in the bay and the river system. The rivers are empty and out very quickly into the bay where the water is still a little bit warmer so things are starting to flip flop in the very shallows at night the water temperature is falling quickly.


  2. I left you a post yesterday evening. I just spoke to my brother Dave today. In disgust I put down last night. And he agrees with me 100% that I was correct that New Jersey is the leading state in conservation for the striped bass and we still get paid the penalty by The Mid Atlantic Fisheries Council we don’t want to go back through the 1980s again but that’s where we’re heading in a very fast erection and it is not in the jerseys fault that were in this. Then we should have pointed this out to the Mid Atlantic Fisheries Council again are fish we is a burgeoning fishery here in New Jersey in the Raritan Bay and in the river system and in Sandy Hook Bay we have no problem here with our Fishery why do we have to pay the fault for what’s going on down in the Carolinas Maryland Virginia. They’re the ones who should be paying the price for this not making the striped bass a game fish. And keeping the commercial boats out of the bay and Estuary system if they made a mistake by not having them as a game fish everybody pays the penalty all the way up to New England? I don’t see this point at all it’s a very mute point. It would have been better if they had said okay keep to a 24in will make it a game fish no closer than three miles to the beach for commercial fishing. Is way there is an escape for these fish to get down the beach get into the rest to where he’s spawn and come back North. But when they’re out there in the open ocean that’s up to the federal government to supervise how much a commercial fisherman can keep in a wild caught fish. Because they are farming a lot of these striped bass that people eat in the stores today. I don’t think that we are wrong in our Assumption of this whole thing yes there is a depletion but it’s down there not up here and I think that New Jersey and New York together if they made it a game fish in our area all the way through New York and Connecticut we could put stocking plants along some of our major rivers and estuaries where we could supplement the striped bass that would be wild caught and they could be released as fry into our rivers and streams that feed into the oceans. Oh we talk about money all the time but we talked about saving the environment this is part of Saving the environment.


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