It appears we’re going to be paying for a fairly nice fall so far with a real bummer tHans swordfishomorrow. Northeast winds at 20-25 knots are forecast along with rain, but there’s good news ahead with the gusty northwest winds needed to knock down the surf predicted for Friday.

Capt. Hans Kaspersetz (photo above) fished Saturday and Sunday aboard the Blue Runner from Point Pleasant as they trolled a yellowfin tuna the first day before boating two swordfish at night — and then adding three albacore chunking.



  1. Al, my son and I love to read your column daily. Been following you since the mid 80’s and attribute part of my addiction to salt water fishing.

    Last weekend while at Striperfest , I found and purchased a spinner for Striped Bass fishing called a Niantic Bay Spinner. They appear to have stopped making these since the late 60’s but look like they would be awesome when paired with a red trolling tube.

    Any advice on these? Going to try them from my boat and the beach… looks promising! I hope you’ve agree


  2. Was working the best in the back of the Knoll yesterday for a couple of hours before the wind came up and got two strong back there. But we did catch three one was 20 the others were a little less than that but they were purple fish. So you know what that means hopefully this storm or stormy weather in the next couple of weeks we’ll get those fish moving from up North and out east. But it is looking like there are fish beginning to move in to the Bay Region. There’s also a showing of weakfish at the point of the hook and in the bay itself we had a couple that were in the 4 pound class yesterday. But we also had a load of blowfish maybe as many as 10 really large blowfish good eating. And a couple of Kings but the fish and the bait are on the move out of the rivers. And into the bay and on out. So I don’t think it’ll be too too long before things are really going to pop out there as far as the stripers are concerned the weather outlook for the next couple of weeks is in the forties for lows and 60s for the highs generally. Which bodes well for good migration cold nights in the shallows lowering the water temperatures


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