Though it was calm at dawn, the south wind started blowing not long after I joined Bob Correll on his 32 Sea Vee from Crystal Point in Point Pleasant for a run to the north. We came across many schools of bunkers, but nothing was on them. The fleet north of Shark River Inlet wasn’t doing much, but Bob managed to catch four blues with a Deadly Dick. By 10 the wind was gusting to the 20 mph predicted for later in the day, and we headed back to find birds diving on rainfish. We got several shots that produced two Spanish mackerel and a little tunny for each of us while missing others before returning. Those flurries made the day. 

The Golden Eagle from Belmar  reported sluggish bluefishing for 3-8-pounders on jigs. Capt. Ron Santee said the south wind killed porgy fishing on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands as it got ugly fast with the wind against a strong outgoing tide. A drop in deeper water produced too many sea bass that had to go back.

Sunday’s forecast is for northeast at 10-15 knots — though I’ve often found such dry northeast forecasts to turn out to be 10 plus 15 knots.


Vinny D’Anton found some mullet schools along the beach at dawn and caught two school stripers among them with his Chug Bug.

Jerry Lasko reported very good blackfishing in Point Pleasant Canal, with keeper tog being common. Maren Toleno caught this 16-incher this morning.

Maren 16-inch tog.jpg




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