Capt. Ron Santee says he’s had five straight days of awesome porgy fishing since switching over with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands after the fluke season closed. Actually his first two drops this morning weren’t good, but he moved a half-mile and was back into the steady bite.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar had another good day of bluefishing, but anglers had to work for them with jigs. Some had close to limits and others just a few.

The surf had been looking better each morning, and should have been very fishable this morning. Instead, we were greeted with booming as Jerry was pushing in big swells that were no good for fishing.. Vinny D’Anton moved to Shark River and managed to raise one fish with his Chug Bug – a 24-inch striper. I went to Point Pleasant Canal and was happy to get a hit on my Z Man paddletail — a 17-inch bluefish.

Mimi VI is sailing open for bottom fishing Wednesday at 7 a.m. from Point Pleasant. Call 732 370-8019 for a $75 reservation.

Allen Riley, John Mazzeo, Duke Matero and Tony Martino found good conditions in the Monmouth Beach surf except for the big swell. Small bait was along the shore, but only John even got a hit.

Frank Huza made the trek to the tip of Sandy Hook and cast there from 7-9 a.m. There were snappers and hickory shad, but the bait stayed out of range.

Paul Haertel spotted an error in my end of the fluke season blog when I noted that the N.Y. season ended on Sept. 21 along with N.J. I picked up that date from The Fisherman magazine’s list of regs, but Haertel said the N.Y. season actually runs to Sept. 30.

Small craft advisories are up through Wednesday afternoon due to the big swells, but the wind forecast for Wednesday is only 5-10 knots northwest before switching to southwest in the afternoon.

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