Capt. Hans Kaspersetz fished aboard the Blue Runner in Hudson Canyon over the weekend and reported they trolled a few yellowfin and albacore tuna and also hooked three swordfish. They boated one sword of about 120 pounds, and one of those they lost he figured had to be in the 500-pound class.

There were no other reports, but I’ll get caught up tomorrow.



  1. As The Last glimmers of the Summer Sunshine set in the west over the bay in Sandy Hook New Jersey. This summer was nothing to write home about in sure. The fluke fishing was nothing to get excited about a few larger specimens were caught during the season. But it wouldn’t shake and your boots off with it. The porgies didn’t seem to want to be as active this year as last. The striper fishing was off to a fast start in the spring and tapered off too early in the summer. The summer has ended with a little bit of weakfish action at the point of Sandy Hook. With some Kingfish mixed in both are on the small side there are Blowfish for those people who are looking for some interesting fishing and good eating the Albie’s are in and out of the surf from time to time but until the stripers come back from the north there will be little bits of this and that as the bait empties out of the estuaries rather slowly the water temperatures are still very warm for this time of the year but they should be dropping soon. Crabbing still excellent up in the river system


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