As noted in last night’s blog, the big winners in the Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club Offshore Open were bigeye tuna as Tastego boated a 241-pounder  Saturday — followed by a 228.5 on Hubris and a 164.5-pounder on Unavailable.  However, there was also an impressive for this area 114.75-pound yellowfin tuna on Tra Sea Ann that won the Ray Catena Challenge Award and was part of the Tuna Stringer Calcutta with a two-fish weight of 194.7 pounds that beat Internal Fixation with 170.45 pounds.  Bigeyes weren’t eligible for the stringer award.

Also very impressive was the 59.55-pound albacore that won the Longfin Tuna Challenge. Very few of those fish have been reported so far.

Hubris added the swordfish winner at 104.2 pounds over a 73.75-pounder on Kellly Lynn.  Poppa Bear took the Small Boat Calcutta , and also had a 30.6-pound wahoo to edge a 23.05-pounder on Christine. Jersey Nutz had the largest dolphin at 21.20 pounds and added the Mahi Stringer with 42.40 pounds.

In the Costa Release categories, Caitlin won in blue marlin with a release on Day 1 over The Right Place with one on Day 4.  Polorizer released three white marlin to one for Tra Sea Ann. The Tournament Champion Trophy was awarded to Unavailable with 428 points.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported good jigging for bluefish today, though there weren’t many of the larger fish. Some porgies were added.

Capt. Rob Semkewyc said drifting conditions were again poor for fares on his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands, and he had to finish up in Sandy Hook Bay where the fluke are small. He’s looking for a return to Saturday’s good fluking with a forecast of north winds at just 5-10 knots in the morning  before shifting to the southeast in the afternoon,

Joe Blaze said there was nothing doing this morning in Manasquan River during a very strong incoming tide. A few evenings ago the river had been loaded with small bait, though there was nothing on them and he couldn’t get a hit on his fly.

The current was also very strong this morning in Shark River, but there were a few 3-pound blues hitting poppers occasionally.

Capt. Hans Kaspersetz of Sheri Berri at Twin Lights Marina in Highlands fighting a marlin during a recent trip on Pacific Fly out of Quepos, Costa Rica


Hans fighting - CR




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  1. That was an interesting catch in the surf and was a Pompano, but a nice one!… Permit have longer dorsal fin and a swept back tail. Awesome catch though!


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