Chuck Many took a break from striper fishing in NY/NJ Bight last week for a trip to Cape Charles, Va. that proved well worthwhile.

While a cobia is a rare catch up here (much more common in South Jersey), they are a regular visitor to Virginia waters. Chuck fished with Capt. Capt. Clinton Lessard of SHO NUF Charters as they saw 54 cobia during a 6-hour trip, and hooked 13 up to a 57-incher estimated at 52 pounds. All were released.


The 46th White Marlin Open began today out of Ocean City, Md. with the boat count up one from yesterday to 404 — with the purse up to $6,143,000. With the weather right for canyon trolling, almost everyone sailed as 389 boats used their first day.

Though the scales didn’t open until 4 p.m., there’s already the first white marlin weigh-in as Nathan Walker on Chasin Tail brought in a 74-pounder to take the lead for 3,450,000. There was also a tuna to get that board started for about $2 million dollars as Jon Hartman on De Bait Able weighed a 61.5-pounder. The dolphin board got started with a 22.5-pounder by Don Smily’s Hellsea to take the lead for $115,000.

The scales are open to 9:30, and with all those boats fishing there are bound to be lots of fish weighed.  I’ll add a blog when all of the day’s results are in.

The ASMFC is meeting in Arlington, Va., and striped bass anglers will be looking forward to the Thursday afternoon decision on what cuts to make in order to reduce mortality of the overfished stock,

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported good variety action over the weekend with chub mackerel, sea bass, blues and some Spanish mackerel. Today’s fishing was decent for chub mackerel plus sea bass, ling and blues.

Allen Riley and John Mazzeo from South Plainfield fished Sandy Hook this morning where the tide was very low and fishing dead with no bait in the wash. On the positive side, with the light northeast wind there were no flies.

`dolphin - Nick

Nick Honachefsky used a home-tied bucktail to catch a dolphin in the 25-pound class Sunday while casting in the Glory Hole. That’s a very large dolphin for inside the canyons.



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