Capt. Joe Massa made a “one and done” throw of his castnet this morning before we started drifting for stripers in the Hudson River with live bunkers from his My Three Sons out of Morgan Marina. There were no marks, but working very small spots got us into stripers.

The bass were modest in size, with a couple even being under legal size (which is unusual when using such large live baits), but we ended up releasing 10 which all shot to bottom when set free despite the very warm waters.  The largest was my 36-incher pictured below.

We’d been hearing reports of some large fluke being caught nearby in a Staten Island woman’s tournament, and later tried jigging for them to no avail. We each dropped a possible keeper and Joe caught a short — but it appeared stripers were a much better target for us. Though light winds were forecast until Sunday afternoon,, a south wind of at least 15 knots came up early in the afternoon and produced whitecaps in Ambrose Channel.

The White Marlin Invitational web site is a mess, with the leaderboard still listed as “in progress” as this was written. I’ll try to get the results tomorrow.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported bonito fishing was slower than it’s been, though they also picked some blues — with all of the action on jigs and teasers.



  1. On Friday we took a look at going offshore towards the mud hole. And trying to make it roll down the hole when we got out there the water was so dirty and brown and full of plastic and other debris. I guess when will the heavy rains that we were experiencing in the past that it made it impossible to locate any fish although bait was up on top pushing water. and some of it was being attacked by we don’t know what couldn’t see the fish. So we decided to stop at some wrecks in at least a hundred and seventy feet of water and we had steady action just drifting over the pieces out there with Ling. There is a ton of fish to be caught no great surprise is just a long ride. On Saturday we opted to forget about fluke fishing with the strong winds and wound up the navesink river crabbing and again crabbing is phenomenal. So there are options out there what is small boat fleet if they decide if they don’t want to waste the fuel and still can catch a lot of other things hopefully the Mud Hole clear up soon I’m the dirty water but there seems to be an awful lot of it coming out of the insurer areas. Nice fish Al


  2. Someone else had remarked about the brown waters and trash offshore, but I didn’t see any of that in the bay, river or Ambrose. Good to see so many positive ling reports.


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