Though I still haven’t been able to find any official results of Saturday’s Raritan Bay Anglers Club Fluke Tournament on their website or facebook, I was able to get a couple of photos and names from Capt. Pete Santero.

Frank Olama ran away with the contest by boating this 12 9/16-pound doormat. Second went to Bill Reilly with a 9 1/2-pounder, and there was an 8 3/4-pounder for third. Ironically, that giant doormat would have just been a “teaser” in the Grandpa Savino Memorial Tournament coning up on Saturday as the $25,000 prize is for the largest fluke over 13 pounds. 12-9 fluke


  1. A new wave of fluke has shown up yesterday my brother Dave and I we were out on the Knoll and just inside of the Bay. Catching some of the cleanest looking belly fluke I’ve seen in a long time. So these are just arriving fish must be on the full moon. As many fish travel at this point so be anybody’s guess after the moon what will show up I heard porgies are showing up in big numbers right now to. But people must remember the fluke season closes in September so make haste because we are already mid-july. The latest I’ve heard on the on the tuna run offshore is that they’ve moved a little further north and east. Around the wreck Virginia. Has been hot the last couple of days. But it’s anybody’s guess where they may show up. There is more than just that one body mahi-mahi are also showing up in numbers along the Lobster pots. Trolling is very effective on them. Along with some other surprises that made grabbed a troll luer looking for my can be fun but when something bigger comes along that can be a thrill.


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