The Golden Eagle from Belmar will be making a trip far offshore on Wednesday to seek big bluefish  at 7:30 a.m. in good conditions with a northwest wind of 5 knots. However, it was Joe Massa, of My Three Sons at Morgan Marina who  had the best fish reports today both here and overseas. He returned Saturday night from a cruise to St. Martin in the Caribbean Sea where he caught tarpon — and was right back out Sunday to seek fluke with a couple of friends.

Joe Massa tarpon

The tarpon were hooked at a fish cleaning station with scraps. The Sunday  trip also worked out well as he jigged a 27-inch, 8-pound fluke over on the NY side as they also added a few other large fluke.

Massa fluke

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  1. We picked up a little action at Chapel Hill Channel with fluke yesterday no great shakes just a few keeper size fish but the signs are indicating a change within the bay. The waters have warmed and the bait is becoming very plentiful as the spirit has been growing in the rivers and estuaries along with peanut bunkers and small snappers. And some of that bettas begin to spill out into the bay which is an attractant to may be bringing more fluke in from the ocean we have been working the drop-offs along the edges of the channels and up on top a little bit. We are hoping that this change will continue for the next couple of weeks as tournaments have been scheduled. It would boast well to get people out and explore the fishing opportunities. Have not heard much about the Spanish mackerel this far north as of yet but would the bait around it won’t take long to start seeing things happen especially around the full moon of the month.


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