With water temperatures rising, it’s time to be looking out for species from the south to be moving into NJ/NY ocean waters.

Grumpy’s Tackle in Seaside Park made mention of hearing about cownose rays, sand tiger sharks and bonito moving into the surf along with small bass and blues plus the expected fluke in very clear waters.

There were also bonito reports a bit further offshore, where Miss Belmar Princess anchored on rubble to pick at small blues plus a few bonito in the chum slick while anglers fishing bottom did well with ling.  The Golden Eagle from Belmar had great weather for their experimental chumming trip far offshore to locate big blues, but there was no report by 5 p.m.

Northern NJ fluking remains slow for keepers, but shorts are more abundant now. The action’s been in the ocean, and bay fishing remains tough. The Elaine B. II from Bahrs in Highlands got into a good shot of ling in shallower waters on Monday, indicating that ocean bottom temperatures remain low.

Vinny D’Anton worked hard to catch a 21-inch striper on his Chug Bug at Manasquan, and lost an 18-incher in the surf — but nothing else was caught there this morning.



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  1. Hey Al,

    Nice work on your stargazer! haha. On a side note, I don’t think stargazers have teeth, but those little skin flanges that look like teeth are filters, is that correct? I used to think they were menacing teeth but I don’t think they are…..of course they have shocks though….Nick

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