Yesterday was a pretty day inshore, but tuna trollers were frustrated by the lack of visibility for spotting birds, dolphins and whales that could lead them to bluefin tuna.

Bob Correll sailed with Mike Heaney on his Sea Vee from Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant, and the crew headed to Little Italy where we quickly boated a 48-incher last Sunday. The tuna didn’t seem to be there. and they ended up at Monster Ledge, where little tunny provided some action, An unusual catch was made on a chain of feathers. Bob said it was about an 18-incher shaped like a tropical mackerel — but wasn’t a Spanish. From his description, I suspect it was an early-arriving king mackerel which lacks any spots such as on the Spanish and cero. Kings have become occasional visitors off the Jersey Shore in the summer, but almost all in smaller sizes caught hooked by school tuna trollers.

Lots of tournaments are coming up, and I’ll try to get that info together tomorrow.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported looking everywhere for the jumbo blues which have been up-and-down this week. Some up to 12 pounds were jigged today, but the volume wasn’t there. The Big Mohawk from that port did well with sea bass today before adding ling and even some whiting. They’re keeping an eye on Monday’s weather, so check with them before coming down. The marine forecast is for southeast winds of 15-20 knots with gusts to 25.

Capt. Rob Semkewyz continues to pick away at fluke with his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands — but is encouraged by rising water temps and increasing bait.

Tank Matraxia and his Lyndhurst crew did well jigging sea bass last week on Tagged Fish from Highlands, but they were surprised to find an empty hook rigged above the jig and found that over half of the sea bass hit that empty hook.

Sand flea (mole crab) fishing is producing summer school stripers in many surf areas. Most of the bass are small, but it’s a good way to catch stripers for those who aren’t proficient with lures — and keepers aren’t unusual. Here’s Jim Louro’s daughter Sophia with a typical sand flea bass released this morning.

Sophia Louro.jpg

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