Mike Heeny of Allendale ran through Little Italy with his See Vee from Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant on the way offshore for tuna, and liked the looks of the bird action. Bob Correll ran out the $125 Chatter side running bar he’d bought the day before, and we were only trolling a few minutes before the Shimano TLD 25 reel started screaming. We had to run up on the fish to regain line, and I was tied up for awhile on that light reel before we were shocked to see a 48-inch “over” bluefin tuna just 14 miles from shore. I’ll have more about this tomorrow.

Jerry Lasko was into a big blue blitz in the IBSP surf this morning. The fish were moving fast, but he got four on poppers while Maren Toleno landed seven.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar got into a hot jigging bite of blues up to 14-15 pounds, and will be looking for them again tomorrow in clearing northwest winds at 7:30.


The Surf Kings competition yesterday evening at the Sea Girt National Guard facility only produced two small blues on bait. American Anglers took the lead with a 22 3/4-incher. but 45 minutes later Ray Lewis landed a 23 /4-incher to win the award for Surf Kings in an event that’s been contested for about 30 years. I made a few casts without result before dusk and a great cookout to conclude the friendly competition.


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