Once again it was a beautiful day for boating, but fishing reports were sparse.

Capt. Ron Santee of the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands said fluke fishing was better today only in comparison to Sunday. There were lots of shorts, but only a handful of keepers. He tried some of his big fish spots, but they weren’t ready yet as perhaps the water is too cold.

I did no better in the Spring Lake surf after casting a Storm Searchbait jig for fluke near low tide. However, Tommy Cox had arrived earlier and cast a popper to release a legal striper. That turned out to be a one shot deal.

Jerry Lasko and Maren Toleno fished Island Beach State Park, where Maren caught two large blues and a small striper on a popper. Jerry didn’t get a hit in what he called the clearest waters he’s ever seen in the park. However, the bars aren’t very fishable at low tides with any sort of swell coming in.

Grumpy’s Tackle in Seaside Park is weighing in some blues from both the surf and bay. Grumpy's surf blue

Hunter Evans (12) beached this 31-inch, 9.8-pounder.

Grumpy’s also had in interesting report from Al Acquaviva about a small sand tiger shark he released in the surf Sunday evening — the first such report this season.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar looked for blues and stripers but couldn’t find either before switching to sea bass which produced catches up to limits plus ling, dogfish, ocean pout and a whiting.

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant ended up with a decent pick  of sea bass and ling today.

Blog readers commented on yesterday’s entry about few reports. Stuart Rosen was happy with his fluke catch as that 28.5-inch, 7.5-pounder caught in NY Bight took the pool onCapitol Princess, which sails from Skyport Marina in N.Y.

Eric Wasserman ran his boat out of Hoffman’s Marina in Brielle yesterday, but didn’t get a hit trolling south of the inlet before finishing up with a couple of short fluke in the river.



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