I no sooner did I post last night’s blog than an e-mail came in from Bob Matthews at Fisherman’s Den in Belmar Marina noting that bluefish have finally arrived in Shark River. It’s only a start, as Shark River regular Bill Hoblitzell was fishing this morning in Point Pleasant Canal. I had a black & blue day there as four blues in the 3-pound class were released after hitting a Z Man white paddletail before I added four short tog releases on a few old sandworms. Bill caught the only other blue I saw, but a couple were lost by other anglers.

At Atlantic Highlands, Capt. Rob Semkewyc of the Sea Hunter reported good fishing for short stripers plus keepers up to 11 a.m. After that it was a tough pick on many stops. Capt. Ron Santee went to the same spots that produced a very good catch yesterday on his Fishermen, but good readings of bait and bass didn’t produce many hits.

With blackfish closed, the Ocean Explorer will sail in the morning from Belmar for ling. The forecast is for  east winds at 10-15 knots droping to 5-10 in the afternoon. There’s a chance of showers.



  1. Hey al. Had a 14 lb blue on Ava 17 jig and a cool 25 inch bass on so Minnow in river. Hit lavallette surf all dogfish and skates


  2. Hey al. Those fish were caught from shore at the squan river. Also yesterday bh Jet was super thick in lavallette


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